The Pyramid of Life is the place of power in Moscow

The cultural centre of the new era, the unique place of power, where everyone can stay in silence and peace, have a rest, and gain more energy

The Pyramid of Life is a unique building of the pyramidal form situated within the precincts of Moscow, 147 metres high, covered by special quartz glass.

It is created to develop awareness in people, and also to facilitate the restoration of inner strengths, health, and integrity of a person.

Inside the pyramid there is a 3-levelled space with an open centre to the top.

In the basement there is a spacious hall and spatial cinemas.

The complex is an improved and modified model of the ancient pyramids and has the height of the Egyptian Pyramid of Cheops.

The new construction is modelled in order to allow the maximal stream of cosmic energy flow through it, which, in interaction with the crystals inside, has a positive impact on the human organism, mental and physical health, as well as the ecology around the Pyramid.

The Pyramid of Life is the symbiosis of technologies of the ancient and modern civilisations.
It is our first step towards awareness of humankind for the benefit of all living creatures.

More about the construction

The symbol of the rebirth of humanity

originating in Russia

The Pyramid of Life is the symbol of life, the symbol of the future of not only people, but our planet. This place represents the integrity and unity of the world and all living things. This is the first step towards the happy, free future of humankind. And Russia is the country that initiates the transformation of the man and all the world.

It is Russia that has got the potential, the Power to give impetus to changing life on the Earth, which will allow it to pass to another, more qualitative level of the world order. Because only having changed his mentality and attitude to life, the man can continue his existence, refusing to destroy the planet, renouncing wars and violence. The Pyramid of Life will provide great support for people in order to acquire holistic, harmonious perception of the world, to develop awareness and facilitate further evolution of humankind.

The Pyramid of Life is the symbol of the future, the symbol of the rebirth of humanity. And this rebirth begins in Russia, in the great land of spiritually strong people.

The world’s first awareness and relaxation centre

The whole complex is aimed at developing awareness, restoring inner strengths and health, returning peace of mind and harmony. This is the corner where everyone can hide from the city’s hustle and bustle and problems at home.

On the main floors there are open spaces and areas with individual capsules.

Capsules are projected with the condition of maximal comfort and sound isolation, allowing to enjoy silence and pleasant meditative music, which everyone can choose. The construction of a capsule allows a person to sit or lie in it comfortably.

The Pyramid of Life is the place where a person regains the deep connection with himself. The energy accumulated in the Pyramid facilitates releasing consciousness from false purposes and fears of the ego, gives the peaceful and harmonious state, facilitates the growth of awareness, awakening, and enlightenment.

The Pyramid of Life is a charity project for broadening awareness and restoring people’s life strengths. The entrance fee will be nominal (only to pay off the services of the complex).

The unique influence of the Pyramid

The Pyramid facilitates the harmonisation of society and the environment, and also has a positive impact on:

Unleashing the potential and broadening awareness of a person

* * *
Relieving the aggressive forms of behaviour, despondency, and depressive states

* * *
Restoring the balance of energy in the body

* * *
Eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome

* * *
Neutralising stress

* * *
Reducing the level of irritability

* * *
Eliminating all kinds of fears and phobias

* * *
Restoring inner balance and harmony

* * *
Neutralising harmful electromagnetic waves

* * *
Regenerating the ozone layer over the pyramid

The evolution of humanity

In the age of modern technologies, people have become so distant from nature that they have completely lost connection with it. While the deep quiet and harmony guarantee good psychic state of a person and the whole society, and are the indispensable components of the evolutionary process.

The Pyramid is the oasis of harmony, freedom, the place of power and peace.

The building of Pyramids of Life aims to:

  • Protect people from the devastating outer influence of the products of the modern civilisation on people’s both physical and mental health.
  • Draw everybody’s attention to the question of conscious life and its advantages, comparing to the mechanical thinking.
  • Help people see, strengthen, and live in the state of awareness.

All this leads to the positive change in society itself and every person in particular, and to the restoration of nature on our planet.

The Pyramid of Life is the way home for all people. This is the way to oneself. This is the restoration of the initial connection with nature and universe, and gaining inner balance, which helps to take a fresh look at oneself and life.

The construction of the Pyramid

The main complex of the Pyramid of Life is a building of the pyramidal form, having a metal framework, covered by special quartz glass.

The length of a side is 230 metres, the overall height with the pyramidion is 147 metres.

On the top there is a pyramidion, which is a pyramid from transparent quartz. Its role is to transform and adapt the descending flow of energy.

Inside the pyramid there is a 3-levelled space with open areas and individual isolated capsules.

Having the size and proportions of the famous Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramid of Life is built on the basis of ancient and modern technologies.

The steel, from which the framework of the pyramid is made, is one of the best conductors of the earth magnetic properties. Due to its steel framework, the pyramid gets saturated by the magnetic power of the Earth, which concentrates in the summit of the pyramid and creates the ascending flow of energy.

The stained-glass windows are made from aluminium, which is a good electrical conductor. Aluminium also collects the electromagnetic field, and forwards it to the summit, enhancing the general potential of the construction.

The pyramid has got absolutely transparent quartz glass walls, which allows the inner space to get saturated by the ether potential, as well as by the solar energy.

Concentrating in the installations made of quartz Crystals inside the pyramid, they enhance the power of the pyramid, going up in the ascending flow to the cosmos.

Crystals installations are built in such a way that they represent one interconnected system, which collects, concentrates and strengthens all the potential of the pyramid, sending it above in the ascending flow of energy and attracting the descending cosmic flow of great power.

The complex of Crystals also attracts the descending flow of cosmic energy, accumulating it in certain places, where people can physically watch it and come in contact with it.

But the main role of Crystal complexes set up in a special way is to accept and transform the cosmic energy, as well as to adapt it according to a person.

Interaction with the energy of the Earth, namely with its magnetic and electric properties, is realised along the framework of the Pyramid, which attracts and raises the energy of the planet, accumulating it in the upper part of the construction and being a sort of magnet for the descending Flow of Cosmic Energy.

Thus, the enormous size of the pyramid is strengthened by the properties of materials used in its construction, as well as by special installations that concentrate energy inside the pyramid, which, taken together, make it possible to multiply the potential of the ascending flow of energy and, consequently, get the descending flow of cosmic energy very concentrated and powerful. This lets people interact with it rather effectively, using this power for broadening consciousness, as well as comprehending themselves and the surrounding world.

The world’s first quartz pyramid

The Crystals of quartz and quartz itself are beneficial for a person’s physical and mental health, they relieve depressive disorders, aggressiveness. They fill a person with harmony and inner quiet. Quartz removes the harmful influence of the megalopolis and the outer negative information. It allows a person to recognise artificial purposes, dominating in his mind, thereby making his life happier, more joyful, and free.

On the top of the Pyramid of Life there is a pyramidion, made from the natural solid Crystal of quartz, 1 metre high. Functionally, the pyramidion is a transformer of cosmic energy.

The space inside the pyramid is separated into sectors with complexes of Crystals, each of them has a special atmosphere, due to which a person can choose one that suits him exactly.

Covering the whole surface of the pyramid with quartz glass from the pure silicon oxide freely lets the light inside, which saturates the inner space of the pyramid with the solar energy.

The beginning – Russia, Moscow

The building of the first Pyramid of Life is planned in Moscow, within the precincts of the city, so that it was maximally available for all the inhabitants of the megalopolis.

Then in the biggest cities: Berlin, Delhi, Jakarta, Karachi, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and so on…

Building similar Places of Power all over the world:

  • Opens new horizons for the development of a happy, healthy, and harmonious community;
  • Facilitates leading humanity away from crisis and a dead-end in development;
  • Radically changes the situation on the planet for the better.

Here and now already

We have begun collecting funds, looking for investors and partners, pre-registering shareholders of the project. The initial projecting of the construction of the Pyramid and the surrounding territory is being realised, the suitable land is being looked for.



Any contributions are welcome. Everyone can become a shareholder, participating in the evolution of him/herself and the whole humankind.



We are looking for the services of a big projecting bureau with experience and excellent reputation in city construction.







The project needs your help!

You can support the project by any sum. If you are a famous architect, head of a projecting company or an owner of a land with the size not less than 480х480 metres within Moscow and ready to give it for the project, please contact us.

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Everyone is welcome to participate!

You can offer any help within your capability.

This is our common contribution into the future of humankind and our planet.

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